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Empowering the ServiceNow Platform to Realize a True System of Engagement

A graphic illustrating SilverEdge's role in transforming systems of engagement with ServiceNow. It depicts IT users and business users being united by ServiceNow, with icons for data sources, HR systems, ticketing tools, and discovery apps. The tagline "MAKING 1+1=3" is featured at the bottom, indicating a synergistic effect. The background is a dark blue with a digital network design.

SilverEdge Makes 1 + 1 = 3!

Delivering a transformative System of Engagement using ServiceNow.

A seamless stitch of multiple back end systems and datasets results in powerful "System of Engagement." This fundamentally alters the way our customers' request IT products and services. More importantly, they did not have to “rip and replace” existing investments. Instead, we've delivered an overarching capability that automates manual actions - thereby maximizing the power of the Now Platform.

This has truly been an innovative effort designed by our architects and developed by our engineers that has culminated in a transformative and progressive capability. Well done, Team!


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