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Innovation Meets Mission - Crafting Transformative On-Prem Architecture Solutions

A graphic highlighting SilverEdge's transformation of next-gen on-premise architecture with ServiceNow. It emphasizes 100% availability and reliability with a tagline "BECAUSE THE MISSION MATTERS." The image features a stylized network and infrastructure diagrams against a dark background with glowing blue connections.

Power outage... Network drop... Server fail… No problem.

We have crafted a 100% Available and Reliable on-premise distributed ServiceNow architecture that is self-healing and auto-routing across all four layers: Load Balancing, Web Tier, App Server, and Database.

The data and mission must be protected – and NOW we have done just that. This is a 24x7x365 solution – because Mission never sleeps, and now, neither does our system.

We get it – there’s a LOT of complexity when implementing secure ServiceNow solutions on-premise. This is what we do - Reach out so we make it happen for you too.


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