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SilverEdge Integration & Digital Transformation Journey

A digital transformation journey infographic by SilverEdge, showing the transition from "BEFORE" with separate systems and processes represented by various company logos, to "AFTER" with a unified system of engagement featuring interconnected circles labeled with business functions like HR, IT, Governance, Policy, Growth, Contract, and Finance. The background is a dynamic gradient with digital network patterns, and the tagline "OUT OF MANY, ONE" at the bottom.

SilverEdge is proud to announce the launch of an integrated System of Engagement built on its ServiceNow platform. This launch represents an initial step for SilverEdge as it integrates and transforms 5 separate companies into a single, high-efficiency organization.

What does our unified System of Engagement do for us? This transformation allows SilverEdge to accelerate integration of its acquisitions while improving every process to work faster and smarter. It integrates and extends existing systems, applications, and data to automate and realize role-based visualizations of our business. This data- and workflow-driven system saves time, money, and human capacity, and streamlines existing departmental processes. It also fundamentally improves oversight of our business lines, contracts, and operational support teams. This real-time data access empowers our leaders to identify trends, streamline actionable decisions, and achieve tangible outcomes. Additionally, we use mobility apps and self-service analytics to further amplify our digital transformation outcome.

We are committed to enhancing our workforce capabilities and augmenting them with these new apps, tools, and data.

And we are only just beginning… Let’s Go!!


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