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SilverEdge Transforms Computing Provisioning Using ServiceNow

Decorative graphic illustrating Users navigating to the ServiceNow Portal to submit a Request for computing resources. The User Request traverses a tailored Workflow to provision computing resources via On-Premise Cloud or as Hardware as a Service.

We're proud to announce that SilverEdge has helped our customer to optimize their expanding Enterprise IT Infrastructure footprint through automation of their Hardware as a Service (HWaaS) offering using ServiceNow.

The newly automated capability leverages Portal-based Catalog Input, supported by tailored ServiceNow Workflow Engine and real-time APIs to streamline end-to-end HWaaS request, approval, and provisioning.

Yet another example of how SilverEdge's Workflow Automation Team has maximized the power of the ServiceNow Platform to truly offer a transformative system of engagement for our customers’ Business, Mission, and IT Services.


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